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I downloaded 4… and I had to get that joint off my joint
— Pusha T on Dedication 4
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Kobe’s Breaking Point

Last night at the All-Star Game, virtually out of nowhere, Dwyane Wade committed a hard foul on Kobe that, according to reports from today, broke his nose.  No one plays defense in All-Star games, let alone fouling somebody this hard on an inconsequential play during an inconsequential game that’s strictly for the fans.  It’s still unclear what D. Wade was thinking, but it ultimately didn’t matter because Kobe didn’t react.  Not a look, not a word.  No one had to restrain him from trying to go at Wade for what was clearly an unnecessarily rough play that could go on to affect his health in upcoming games that count.  He just calmly walked over to the sideline to take care of the blood and then resumed play.

A quarter later, the East rallied back after being down all night to make it a game.  Down only two, they had the ball and enough time on the clock to either tie it up or go for the win.  After a missed 3 by Deron Williams, the ball ended up in LeBron’s hands, guarded by Kobe, with 5.5 on the clock.  As you probably know by now, LeBron turned the ball over on a cross-court pass and the West went on to win.  But this time Kobe’s reaction was totally different.  It wasn’t a celebratory response to getting the win, it was visible outrage that LeBron didn’t embrace the one-on-one moment between him and Kobe (see Got ‘em for the clip and additional commentary).  At this point, he probably knew he wasn’t getting the MVP, but he could have at least given us a glimpse of what he knows the world wants to see.  And he desperately wanted to, but LeBron robbed him of that.  That’s what got a rise out of him.

All Kobe wants to do is be great.  All he wants is to give us those moments that will be replayed again and again forever.  All Kobe wants is to make history.

I’m not even a fan, but I’m a fan.

This kid is up next.

enough already

worst thing about the lockout — we might have to wait another year for a non-mavs championship team

i need a car so i can ride to this new asap tape.

i need a car so i can ride to this new asap tape.

shout out to skitchin’

shout out to skitchin

I just want to comment on the fact that Heavy D and Tyrese closed out the 2011 BET Hip-Hop Awards.

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